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Tori Amos Net Worth 2024 | Salary | House & Cars

$ 60 Million

Tori Amos  Net Worth: Toris Amos is an  American singer-songwriter, pianist, and composer. Toris was born on August 22nd,1963 in Newton, North Carolina, United States.In music industry of United States, she became one among the most popular name. In fact, she earned most of her wealth through a band formed by herself at the starting stages of her career.every year Toris Amos earns a net worth of around  $60 million.

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Tori Amos Net Worth 2024 @ $ 60 Million

Tori Amos is a Singer, Musician, Record Producer, Songwriter, Harpsichordist, Keyboard Player, Film director. Amos income is about of $60 million.

Breakthrough Album:

At the age of 21, she shifted from west to Los Angeles in order to fulfill her dreams of recording carrier by introducing herself as ‘Tori’.she got a record deal with Atlantic in 1987.when her first album received the very little attention she started again and worked hard for the album which exactly reflected her own musical style.

The result, Little Earthquakes (1992), was the first Tori Amos album that would feature the artist’s signature style. Her hard work paid off, and the album went gold in both the U.S. and U.K. with hits like “Crucify” and “Silent All These Years.” 

TORI AMOS House & Property (where does Tori Amos live now?):

Amos lives in Cornwall with her English husband of 16 years, Mark Hawley, a sound engineer. There’s also a place in County Cork, and a beach house in Florida.

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Despite owning this beach house in Florida, Amos and her husband, Mark Hawley, consider their home in Cornwall to be their headquarters, where they spend about nine months of the year.

Tori Amos Biography

Tori Amos was born on 22nd August 1993, in Newton, North Carolina, United States.she grown up by playing and composing music for different instruments The huge failure put Tori in a sick but her record label was willing to give her one more shot. She switched gears back to the girl-with-a-piano sound she had focused on for much of her youth. (Amos was the youngest person admitted to the Baltimore Peabody Conservatory, though she was kicked out a few years later for refusing to read sheet music. Thus the name of her hair-metal band.)

Eventually, through encouragement from friends, she put together the group of songs that would make up her first solo album, “Little Earthquakes.” Because the content and sound of the music in “Little Earthquakes” was so different than what was being played on American radio, Atlantic moved Tori to London, England where she almost instantly became a smash hit.

In 1992, this time Amos did something no one expected and allowed her music to be remixed and released to dance clubs. The song “Professional Widow,” originally a rough, punkish harpsichord dirge about Courtney Love and her involvement in husband Kurt Cobain’s death, became a huge smash dance club hit when artist Armand Van Helden remixed it using only the lines “Honey, bring it close to my lips” and “It’s Gotta be Big.”

The remix brought Amos her biggest hit yet and propelled Van Helden to stardom although years later he would comment that he didn’t receive a dime from the remix. Following that success, a remix of “In the Springtime of His Voodoo” was issued with lesser success.she is eight times nominated for Grammy Awards and two times for Brit awards.

The awards that Tori has won are from Q Awards and from  Echo Klassik Awards. Tori Amos last album was  “Unrepentant Geraldiness” in 2014.

Personal life:

  • In 1998, she married English sound engineer Mark Hawley. Their daughter Natashya Lórien Hawley was born two years later.

  • She is a good friend of author Neil Gaiman. His name was mentioned in her song ‘Tear in Your Hand’.

  • This prolific artist supports Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN), a toll-free help line in the US, connecting callers with their local rape crisis center. Proceeds from a concert held on her 50th Birthday were sent to RAINN.

Bio Data of  TORI AMOS:

  • Also Listed In Pop Singers, Rock Singers, Composers, Pianist
  • Also Known As Myra Ellen Amos
  • Famous As Musician and Singer
  • Nationality: American Famous American Women 
  • Birth Date: 22nd August 1963 AD
  • Age: 53 Years
  • Sun Sign: Leo Women 
  • Height: 1.57 m
  • Born In: Newton
  • Father: Edison Amos
  • Mother: Mary Ellen Amos
  • Siblings: Mike Amos
  • Founder/Co-Founder: RAINN
  • Net WorthSpouse/Partner: Mark Hawley
  • Children: Natashya Lórien Hawley
  • Personality Type: INFP Grouping Of People
  • Feminists: $60 million as of Oct 9, 2016
  • Education: Richard Montgomery High School, Rockville, MD
  • Awards:  1992 – Q Award for Best New Act.
    2012 – Echo Klassik Award

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