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John D. Rockefeller Net Worth 2021 | Salary | House | Cars

$ 340 Billion

John D. Rockefeller Net Worth: John D. Rockefeller was an American businessman and philanthropist. With their current net worth, the Rockefeller family is considered as the 22nd richest family in the world in 2015. One of the richest Americans in history, John D. Rockefeller was the founder of the Standard Oil Company and, later, a philanthropist whose wealth bankrolled the Rockefeller Foundation.At the time of his death, Mr. Rockefeller was worth an estimated $3.3 billion, making him the world’s 604th richest person, according to Forbes’ real-time billionaire rankings. Forbes’ 2017 rich list ranked him as the 581st richest person in the world as well as the oldest billionaire in the world.John D. Rockefeller had an inflation-adjusted net worth of $340 billion at the time of his death.

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John D. Rockefeller Net Worth 2021 @ $340 Billion

John D. Rockefeller was an American businessman and philanthropist and he is known as the founder of the Standard Oil Company (1870), which revolutionized the oil industry. John D. Rockefeller had an inflation-adjusted net worth of $340 billion at the time of his death.

John D. Rockefeller Income Details:

Rockefeller’s $1.4 billion net worth in 1937 was 1/65th of the total GDP of the United States. In 2011, the total GDP of the United States was $15.09 trillion. If somebody currently had 1/65th of the total GDP of the United States, they would have a fortune of over $232 billion.
It’s also important to note that Rockefeller gave away over $500 million (nominal dollars) over his lifetime, which helped to significantly shrink his net worth.
If we plug Rockefeller’s $1.4 billion net worth (as of 1937) into our inflation calculator, we are left with a figure of approximately $22.22 billion.

John D. Rockefeller House & Property (where does John D. Rockefeller live now?):

In 1906, John D Rockefeller—then the richest man in the world—began construction on a new summer house on his vast 3,410-acre estate overlooking the Hudson River. Rockefeller’s son, John Junior, took responsibility for the construction; but father and son disagreed from the outset over who should design the house—so they compromised by having several architects work together.

Image result for john d. rockefeller home

Kuwait, at Pocantico hills, NY.

The mansion was finished two years later and the result was generally considered to be a disaster: the house was ugly, the windows were too small, the ceilings too low, smoke blew in through the windows and the plumbing was noisy.Another angle of the main mansion on the John D. Rockefeller Estate. Known as one of America’s most famous private residences, the 4 story, 40 room mansion, has two basement levels filled with interconnecting passageways and service tunnels

John D. Rockefeller Cars Collection:

J.D. Rockefeller's Crane-Simplex goes back to New York 100 years later | Le May museum photos

The 1917 Crane-Simplex Model 5 formerly owned by John D. Rockefeller Sr. returns after nearly a century to its city of birth as part of the LeMay-America’s Car Museum and the North American International Auto Show’s “The Drive Home: The Heritage Run.”

One of America’s earliest luxury automakers, the Simplex Automobile Company was founded in New York City in 1907. In 1915, it was absorbed by the Crane Motor Car Company.

John D. Rockefeller Biography

John Davison Rockefeller Sr. was a renowned American industrialist and philanthropist. Born in a modest family, he worked his way up to become one of the wealthiest persons in modern history. He began his career as an assistant bookkeeper at the age of 16 and by 20, he had ventured into his own business with partner Maurice B. Clark.

Childhood & Early Life:

John D. Rockefeller was born on 8 July 1839, in Richford, New York, to William Avery Rockefeller and Eliza Davison. His father was of English and German descent while his mother was of Scots-Irish ancestry. He was the second of six children and the eldest son of his family.

His father was a traveling salesman who seldom visited his family. He was infamous for his dubious activities and loose morality. His mother, on the other hand, was a pious housewife who struggled to preserve normalcy at home. As a child, John helped with regular household chores and did odd jobs to earn extra money.

In 1851, the family moved to Owego where he attended the Owego Academy. In 1853, the family moved to Strongsville where he attended Cleveland’s Central High School.


He started in the oil business, and by the end of the century, the Standard Oil Trust controlled so many other interests that it fell afoul of anti-trust laws. In 1911 the U.S. Supreme Court called Standard Oil a monopoly and forced the Trust to separate into competing companies. By that time Rockefeller himself was no longer involved in running the business, having devoted himself completely to philanthropy since 1896.

He gave away millions to schools, health organizations and civic projects through the Rockefeller Foundation, which endures today. John D. Rockefeller gave away $540 million over his lifetime (in dollar terms of that time) and became the greatest lay benefactor of medicine in history.

He was also the founder of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research and the Rockefeller Sanitary Commission. Rockefeller also founded the University of Chicago and Rockefeller University. He was also devoted to the Northern Baptist religion and financed many faith-based institutions. Although having a net worth of $340 Billion, he believed in total abstinence from tobacco and alcohol throughout, and never drank or smoked in his life.

Major Works:
 John D. Rockefeller was one of the wealthiest industrialists of the U.S. He founded the Standard Oil Company, which almost monopolized the oil industry in the U.S. and made him a billionaire. The company was one of the world’s first and largest multinational corporations. He also established numerous philanthropic charities through which he donated several hundred million dollars.
Under him, Standard Oil had 20,000 domestic wells, 4,000 miles of pipeline and 100,000 employees. He held nearly 25% of the stock in Standard Oil. He was the first billionaire in America. He donated half of his wealth to charitable causes before his death and formed various trusts to distribute the remaining wealth for the development of science, healthcare, and education. From lending a few cents to his neighbor, selling potatoes he has taught the world how to do business and supplement the economic growth of the country. He has been one of the most successful visionaries the world has ever seen.
Personal Life:
When he was a young boy, Rockefeller enjoyed music and even considered it as a possible career. He also exhibited excellent skill with numbers and detailed accounting.In 1864, he married Laura Celesta Spelman (1839–1915), daughter of Harvey Buell Spelman and Lucy Henry. They had four daughters and one son together.He was a devoted Baptist; he would read the Bible regularly and attend prayer meetings twice a week.

Illnesses and death:

In his 50’s Rockefeller suffered from moderate depression and digestive troubles; during a stressful period in the 1890’s, he developed alopecia, the loss of some or all body hair.By 1901 he began wearing toupees. His hair never grew back, but other health complaints subsided as he lightened his workload.Rockefeller died of arteriosclerosis on May 23, 1937, less than two months shy of his 98th birthday, at “The Casements”, his home in Ormond Beach, Florida. He was buried in Lake View Cemetery in Cleveland.

Bio Data of John D. Rockefeller:

Birth date  8 July 1839

Birth place Richford, New York State, USA

Death date  23 May 1937, Ormond Beach, Florida, United States

Profession  Business Magnate

Education  Cleveland Central High school, Folsom’s Commercial College

Nationality  American

Spouse  Laura Spelman Rockefeller (m. 1864–1915 d.)

Children  John D. Rockefeller Jr., Edith Rockefeller McCormick, Alta Rockefeller Prentice, Elizabeth Rockefeller Strong, Alice Rockefeller

Parents  Eliza Davison, William Avery Rockefeller

Siblings  Lucy Rockefeller, William Rockefeller, Mary Rockefeller, Franklin & Frances Rockefeller

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