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Jim Henson Net Worth 2024 | Salary | House | Cars

$ 20 Million

Jim Henson Net Worth: American screenwriter, film producer, and director Jim Henson have an estimated net worth of $20 million in 2013. He is best known as The Muppets creator. As a puppeteer, Henson has performed in several TV shows such as The Great Muppet CaperThe Muppet Movie, The Muppet Show and Sesame Street. He is also the creator of projects like Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, and Fraggle Rock. 

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Jim Henson Net Worth 2024 @ $20 Million

American screenwriter, film producer, and director Jim Henson has an estimated net worth of $20 million in 2013. he won the Disney Legends Award

Jim Henson  House & Property (where does Jim Henson live now?):

The handsome mid-century home once owned by Muppets creator Jim Henson has gone on sale for $1.2 million and buyers are being lured in with the idea of living next to a few A-listers.

Bruce Willis, Catherine Zeta Jones, Martha Stewart and Blake Lively are just a few of the celebrities who own houses near the thoroughly renovated 3,843-square-foot home that once belonged to the late, great puppeteer.

Built in 1969, the magnificent five-bedroom and three-and-a-half bathroom abode sits on nearly two acres of woodlands.
The handsome mid-century home was once owned by famed artist and Muppets creator Jim Henson. It's now on sale for $1.2 million

The handsome mid-century home was once owned by famed artist and Muppets creator Jim Henson. It’s now on sale for $1.2 million.

Another House: 

If Al Hirschfeld’s $5 million Manhattan townhouse was too rich for your blood, then you probably won’t want to hear about Jim Henson’s Manhattan townhouse, at 117 E. 69th St, which is listed for sale at around $28 million. Of course, when Henson purchased the 12,000 square foot space in 1977, he paid only $600,000 for it.

Jim Henson's Home

Jim Henson Luxury Cars:

One of the benefits of success for Jim Henson is that he had the means to drive whatever he wanted. While he did not collect cars, Jim enjoyed driving and liked sports cars. Each purchase merited a mention in his journal and became part of the photographic re-cord.


 With his first earnings from Sam and Friends, Jim bought himself a white Thunderbird. He happily posed in it with Sam for a series of pictures. In 1960, Jim purchased a used Rolls Royce Silver Cloud to drive himself to his graduation at the University of Maryland and then with Jane and baby Lisa to the Puppeteers of America festival in Detroit.

Jim Henson Biography

Early television intrigued young Jim Henson and sparked his imagination and creativity. Seeing enormous potential for puppets in this medium, he began his career in Washington, D.C. local television. Sam and Friends, his nightly five-minute show on NBC’s WRC, won Jim an Emmy in 1958 and introduced Kermit to the world.

During the sixties, Jim and the Muppets made many appearances on variety shows and were regulars on The Today Show, The Ed Sullivan Show and The Jimmy Dean Show. While the Muppets grew in popularity, Jim developed another career as a filmmaker. His experimental short film, Time Piece, was nominated for an Academy Award in 1965.

Jim’s remarkable association with Public Television’s award-winning children’s show, Sesame Street, began in 1969. The humor and whimsy of his characters continue to entertain each new generation.

The introduction of The Muppet Show in 1976 was a phenomenal success, reaching 235 million viewers in more than 100 countries and winning three Emmys in its five-year run. The popularity of the show led to the feature films The Muppet Movie, The Great Muppet Caper and TheMuppets take Manhattan, as well as the animated television series, Jim Henson’s Muppet Babies.

Throughout the 1980’s, Jim explored new directions in both television and film. The seriesFraggle Rock was developed specifically with an international audience in mind. He developed new characters and technologies for the award-winning The Storyteller, The Jim Henson Hour,Dinosaurs and for his groundbreaking fantasy films, The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth. Jim’s final completed project, Jim Henson’s Muppet*Vision 3D, continues to delight thousands daily at the Disney theme parks in Florida and California.

His untimely passing in May 1990 was met with a worldwide outpouring of love and renewed appreciation of his imagination and artistry.

Personal Life and Death:

At the time of Henson’s death, doctor David Gelmont first announced that he died from Streptococcus pneumoniae, a bacterial infection that causes bacterial pneumonia.However, on May 29, Gelmont later confirmed that Henson’s cause of death was organ failure resulting from streptococcal toxic shock syndrome (caused by Streptococcus pyogenes). S. pyogenes is the bacterial species that causes strep throat, scarlet fever, and rheumatic fever. It can also cause other infections

In the final minutes of the two-and-a-half-hour service, six of the core Muppet performers—Dave Goelz, Frank Oz, Kevin Clash, Steve Whitmire, Jerry Nelson, and Richard Hunt—sang, in their characters’ voices, a medley of Jim Henson’s favorite songs, eventually ending with a performance of “Just One Person” that began with Richard Hunt singing alone, as Scooter. Henson employee Chris Barry writes that during each verse, “each Muppeteer joined in with their own Muppets until the stage was filled with all the Muppet performers and their beloved characters.”[39] The funeral was later described by Life as “an epic and almost unbearably moving event.” The image of a growing number of performers singing “Just One Person” was recreated for the 1990 television special The Muppets Celebrate Jim Henson and inspired screenwriter Richard Curtis, who attended the London service, to write the growing-orchestra wedding scene of his 2003 film Love Actually.

Bio Data of Jim Henson:

  • Birth date: September 24, 1936
  • Birth place: Greenville, Mississippi, United States
  • Death date: 1990-05-16
  • Height: 6′ 3″ (1.91 m)
  • Profession: Actor, Writer, Producer
  • Education: University of Maryland, College Park
  • Nationality: American
  • Spouse: Jane Henson
  • Children: Cheryl Henson, Heather Henson
  • Parents: Betty Marcella, Paul Ransom Henson

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