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Cheech Marin Net Worth 2024 | Salary | House | Cars

$ 12 Million

Cheech Marin Net Worth: Cheech Marin is an American comedian, actor, and writer. Cheech Marin, whose official name is Richard Anthony Marin, can attribute part of his wealth to the earnings he received when he appeared in the Cheech & Chong Comedy series. The comedy ran for several episodes which lasted the better part of the 1970s and the first few years of 1980s. Besides appearing in the aforementioned comedy, Cheech Marin also took part in voice acting and his voice can be heard in Disney movies such as Cars, Oliver and Company, and Lion King. Cheech Marin has a net worth of $12 million. 

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Cheech Marin Net Worth 2024 @ $12 Million

Cheech Marin is an American comedian, actor, and writer who has a net worth of $12 million.

How Much Cheech Marin Earns A Year?:

  • Annual: $12 000 000
  • Monthly: $666666,67
  • Weekly: $153846,15 
  • Daily: $21917,81

Cheech Marin House & Property (where does Cheech Marin live now?):

Cheech Marin, of “Cheech & Chong” fame, recently sold a beachfront Malibu home for $5,340,000, according to public records. Located smack dab on the beach in celebrity-infested Malibu, CA, Marin’s former Pacific Coast Highway home was sold on February 17, 2012, to an unknown buyer.

Marin’s just-sold abode is a one-of-a-kind 1,888 square foot craftsman designed by Robert Gilbert.Set on a low bluff, the home comes with approximately 120 feet of private sandy beach frontage.

Cheech Marin Biography

Cheech Marin net worth currently amounts to $8 million dollars and he has earned all this money working as an actor, voice actor and of course, comedian. You should know his face from such television series as Nash Bridges, while you also had the chance to hear him voicing characters in such Disney productions as Oliver and Company, The Lion King, It’s Tough to be a Bug!, Cars, Cars 2 and Beverly Hills Chihuahua. As a comedian, Cheech is often memorized for his strong Mexican accent, but you should know it is fake. It is true that Marin’s family originates from Mexico and even his stage name is a short for a popular snack in Mexican cuisine “chicharron”, a fried pork skin. However, Cheech was born and raised in California, where he has also attended California State University (formerly San Fernando Valley State College).

Cheech Marin net worth started to grow when he met the person who was meant to become his comedy partner and a great friend, Tommy Chong. The acquaintance took place in British Columbia, Canada. And how did the future millionaire, born and raised in California, ended up there? Well, he emigrated from the United States to avoid the draft at the height of the Vietnam War. Here is how this period of his life was described by Cheech himself: „I was part of the draft resistance movement in L.A. where we did demonstrations at the draft center and burned our cards and made a lot of trouble on campus. I had a student classification and they said that anybody who’d taken part in these demonstrations would be reclassified and drafted. And that’s when I went to Canada.“.

You may judge the comedian for avoiding his duty, but at least in regards to his career, this was the best step he could have taken. Together Cheech & Chong made a great comedy-duo, which is not forgotten to this day. Their comedy routines draw inspiration from the free love are and hippie culture, especially drug (mostly cannabis) and counterculture movements. The duo was extremely popular during the 1970s and 1980, releasing several albums and films, each of which has added a considerable sum to Cheech Marin net worth.

However, soon after the release of an album titled Get Out of My Room, which included the novelty hit song, “Born in East L.A.”, Cheech and Chong parted ways. According to the comedian, this period has been particularly difficult for him: “My marriage was breaking up, and my marriage with Chong was breaking up. I had to come back and kind of start on my own again.“ Despite all the difficulties, Cheech Marin net worth continued to grow, as he has managed to establish himself as a successful solo comedian and actor.

Personal Life:

Cheech Marin married Darlene Morley in 1975. Darlene also co-produced ‘Cheech & Chong’s The Corsican Brothers’ and likewise, played minor roles in earlier ‘Cheech & Chong’ films under the name Rikki Marin. The pair had a son and divorced in 1984. Shortly, after the divorce with Darlene, he married artist Patti Heid in 1986. The couple has two children together but they also separated afterward.

Later on, he started dating Russian pianist Natasha Rubin and in August 2009, he married his longtime girlfriend in a sunset ceremony at their home. Currently, he resides in California with his family.

Bio Data of Cheech Marin:

Birth date: July 13, 1946

Birth place: Los Angeles, California, USA

Profession: Actor, Soundtrack, Writer

Education: Bishop Alemany High School, California State University, Northridge

Nationality: American

Spouse: Natasha Rubin (m. 8 Aug 2009), Patti Heid (m. 1 Apr 1986), Rikki Marin (m. 1975 – 1984)

Nominations: Best Comedy Album Grammy Awards

Movies: “Cheech and Chong”, “The Lion King”, “Cars”, “Cars 2”, “Oliver and Company”, “Beverly Hills Chihuahua”

Albums: “Follow The Leader” Books:“Cheech The Bus Driver”, “Captain Cheech”

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