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Bob Guccione Net Worth 2023 | Salary | House | Cars

$ 400 Million

Bob Guccione Net Worth: Bob Guccione was an American businessman. Guccione attended Blair Academy located in New Jersey. Early in his career, he managed a chain of Laundromats to support his family, and he also worked as a cartoonist for “The London American”. Later, he started selling pin-up posters and created cartoons for Box Cards.Penthouse started publication in 1965 in England as well as in North America in 1969, an effort to compete with Hugh Hefner’s Playboy. In 2018 Bob Guccione ’s net worth was estimated to be $400 Million. 

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Bob Guccione Net Worth 2023 @ 400 Million

Bob Guccione house property (where does Bob Guccione live?)


Bob embraced a life of luxury and owned a 22,000 square feet mansion in Manhattan.

Wayne Rogers biography and financial career:

ho had a peak net worth of $400 million dollars. Bob Guccione was born Robert Charles Joseph Edward Sabatini Guccione in Brooklyn, New York in December 1930 and passed away in October 2010. He was best known as the founder and published of adult magazine Penthouse. He was married and had a daughter before he was 20 years old. Penthouse started in England in 1965 and in North America in 1969 to compete with Playboy. Penthouse had stories about scandals government cover-ups, and corruption.

In 1976 he financed the porn film Caligula for $17.5 million. He started the magazines Omni, Viva, and Longevity in addition to Penthouse. Guccione said that Penthouse grossed between $3.5 to 4 billion over 30 years and netted nearly $500 million. He was unsuccessful with ventures the Penthouse Boardwalk Hotel and Casino, and a nuclear fusion power plant. The publisher of Penthouse General Media declared bankruptcy in 2003 and Guccione resigned as chairman and CEO of Penthouse International, Inc.

He began Penthouse in England in 1965, then later in America in 1966. Bob sought to outdo the playboy by focusing on more sensational and well-inquired reports. Before his departure in Plano, Texas, 2010, he’d made an enduring memory in the magazine is known that Bob embraced a life of luxury, and owned a 22,000 square feet mansion in Manhattan.

Yet, in contrast to Hugh Hefner, who threw outrageous parties at his Playboy Mansions, life at Guccione ’s mansion was unusually sedated, even through the hedonistic 1970 s. He apparently once had his bodyguards eject an area radio personality who was hired as a DJ and jumped to the swimming pool nude.

Personal life:

Guccione British raised the son, Bob Guccione Jr. (born 1955), was given editorship of Spin, but father and son soon fell out over editorial decisions, and Bob Jr. eventually found independent investors to continue financing the magazine. Father and son remained estranged for a long time but reportedly reconciled before Bob Sr.’s death in 2010.

Guccione was married four times: he first married Lilyanne Becker in his teens. Then he married Muriel Hudson in 1966 and divorced her in 1979. Then he married his long-time companion, South African native Kathy Keeton, in 1988. In 1997, Keeton died of complications from surgery to remedy an obstruction in her digestive tract after a long battle with cancer. She was 58.In her last few months, Keeton befriended an ex-model named April Dawn Warren, and gossip maintained that Warren was Keeton hand-picked successor. After a long engagement, he and Warren wed in 2006 and they remained together until his death. It was his fourth marriage. Guccione continued to list Keeton on the Penthouse masthead posthumously as President, but later added Warren to the masthead after she had spent ten years as creative director of the magazine.

Illness and death:

By 2004, Guccione had undergone surgery for throat cancer and stated: “My cancer was only a tiny tumor about the size of an almond at the base of my tongue. The cure is probably every bit as bad as the disease. It’s affected my ability to swallow … the mobility of my tongue … it makes it very difficult for me to talk.” Guccione was later diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and died on October 20, 2010, two months before his 80th birthday, at Plano Specialty Hospital in Plano, Texas, with his wife April at his side.

Bio Data of Bob Guccione

Birth date:December 17, 1930
Birth place:Brooklyn, New York City, New York, United States
Death date:October 20, 2010, Plano, Texas, United States
Education:Blair Academy
Spouse:April Dawn Warren (m. 2006–2010), Kathy Keeton (m. 1988–1997), Muriel Hudson (m. 1966–1979)
Children:Bob Guccione Jr., Nicholas Guccione, Anthony Guccione, Tonina Guccione, Nina Guccione
Parents:Nina Guccione, Anthony Guccio

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