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Alex Jones Net Worth 2019 | Salary | Mansion | Cars | Biography

$ 10 Million

Alex Jones Net Worth: Alexander Emric (or Emerick) Jones is an American radio show host and conspiracy theorist. He hosts The Alex Jones Show from Austin, Texas, which airs on the Genesis Communications Network and shortwave radio station WWCR across the United States and online. His show is syndicated by the Genesis Communications Network to more than 70 AM and FM radio stations around the US. He has a net worth of $10 million. 

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Alex Jones Net Worth 2019 @ $ 10 Million

How much is Alex Jones Worth?

Alex Jones is also a talk radio host, author, conspiracy theorist and filmmaker. Jones is best known for being the host of The Alex Jones Show, a nationally syndicated radio talk show. His show is syndicated by the Genesis Communications Network to more than 70 AM and FM radio stations around the US.

In 2013, Jones claimed his radio show reached an audience of more than 15 million people week. In addition to his radio work, Alex Jones runs the websites and He also maintains a very popular Youtube channel.

“TheAlexJonesChannel” on Youtube has over 760,000 subscribers and has generated more than 360 million video views since launching in February 2008.

Alex Jones is an American performance artist who has a net worth of $10 million.

Alex Jones Salary Per Day | Per Month | Per Year & Career Earnings

Alex Jones Salary:—

Alex Jones House and Cars Collection

Alex Jones House & Property (Alex Jones House Address):

The house and car collection of Alex Jones is still unknown. We will update those details on this below space. So, stay tuned to this page…

Alex Jones Biography | Wiki

Alexander Emerick Jones, commonly known as Alex Jones, is a famous American writer, film director and producer, radio personality, as well as an actor. To the public, Alex Jones is perhaps best known as a host of the radio show entitled “The Alex Jones Show”, which airs on the Genesis Communications Network.

Over the years, the show has grown in popularity, and is currently listened to by approximately 15 million listeners every week. In addition to Jones hosting the show, a variety of popular guests have been present on “The Alex Jones Show”, among the most notable have been Roseanne Barr, Matthew Bellamy, Neil Fallon, Immortal Technique, Chuck Norris and Christopher Walken to name a few.

Aside from his radio show, Jones has become known for his controversial theories, including such events as the September 11 attacks, fake moon landings, and Sandy Hook elementary school shooting. For this, Alex Jones was even named as the leading conspiracy theorist in America.

In addition to that, Jones is known for his books, the first of which entitled “9-11: Descent Into Tyranny” was published in 2002. Several years later, in 2008, “The Answer to 1984 is 1776” was released through “The Disinformation Company”.

Alex Jones was born in 1974, in Texas, United States, where he studied at Anderson High School. Upon his graduation, he enrolled in the Austin Community College. As a teenager, Jones was largely inspired by a book written by Gary Allan entitled “None Dare Call It Conspiracy”, which had a significant impact on his life. Jones’ professional career started in Texas, when he began working on a cable TV program.

Eventually, he went on to host “The Final Edition”, during which he explored a variety of controversial topics. This resulted in the release of his first documentary film, which he called “America Destroyed by Design”. Around the same time, he aired his “The Alex Jones Show”, which earned him the “Best Austin Talk Radio Host” title in 1999. That same year, Jones came out with two more documentaries, namely “Police State 2000” and “Are You Practicing Communism?”, which was produced by Mike Hanson.

Aside from that, in 2001, he made a cameo appearance in Richard Linklater’s animated drama film entitled “Waking Life”, and in 2008, co-starred alongside Keanu ReevesRobert Downey Jr., and Winona Ryder in an animated sci-fi film “A Scanner Darkly”. In addition to that, some films were made about Jones’ theories, including “New World Order” and “The Fall of America and the Western World”.

Very little is known in regards to Jones’ personal life. It is speculated that he is married to a daughter of Edmund Lowe Nichols, Kelly Rebecca Nichols, also known as Violet Nichols.


Quick Facts about Alex Jones:

Full Name Alex Jones
Net Worth $10 Million
Date Of Birth February 11, 1974
Died January 14, 2017, Henry Ford Hospital, Detroit, Michigan, United States
Place Of Birth Dallas, Texas, United States
Height 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)
Profession Radio personality, radio show host, documentary filmmaker, producer, writer
Education Anderson High School in Austin, Austin Community College
Nationality American
Spouse Kelly Rebecca Nichols
Children Edward Alun Burrell Thomson
Parents David Jones
Partner Charlie Thomson, Charlie Thomson
Nicknames Alexander Emerick Jones , Alex , Emerick Jones , Alexander Jones , Alexander Emerick “Alex” Jones , Jones, Alex
Nominations “Best Austin Talk Radio Host” (1999)
Movies “Fall of the Republic” (2009), “The Order of Death” (2005), “Loose Change: Final Cut by Dylan Avery” (2007), “Police State IV: The Rise Of FEMA” (2010), “Police State 2000”, “Are You Practicing Communism?”, “911 The Road to Tyranny” (2002), “911 The Road to Tyranny: Special Emergency Release” (2001), “The Best of Alex Jones” (2000)
TV Shows “The Alex Jones Show”

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